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Top Pharma Manufacturing in Karnataka

Top Pharma Manufacturers in Karnataka- In Karnataka, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most important sources of revenue. It is also known as a distribution and manufacturing center for pharmaceutical companies. With the creation of its first biotech-IT park in Bangalore, Karnataka, at a cost of over US$87 million, India is now actively targeting the bioinformatics industry.

The growth and advancement of the pharmaceutical industry in this country over the last few decades has been remarkable, notably in the sector of prescription pharmaceuticals, where large hospitals have been built, providing direct opportunities for pharmaceutical firm growth. So, we've compiled a list of the Top Pharma Manufacturers in Karnataka, so you can make an informed selection by selecting one of them.

With increasing investment in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector, Karnataka's growth prospects are brightening, making it a desirable location for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Several pharmaceutical companies compete for the title of Top Pharma Manufacturing in Karnataka, but only a few are able to endure the fierce competition and rise to the top of the market. And as a result of the competition, many people leave the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, the following companies stand out in this realm of comparison:

Top Leading Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Karnataka

We've compiled a list of the best Pharma manufacturing companies in Karnataka to meet the rising demand for high-quality pharmaceutical production services. These companies circulate their pharmaceutical items around the state within the given time frame, damage-free delivery, and are the finest at their packaging and logistic services in order to alleviate the scarcity of medications. Read the entire article to learn more about these pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

Biophar Lifecsinces Pvt Ltd

Biophar Lifesciences is a major pharmaceutical manufacturing firm based in Chandigarh that provides high-quality and safe medicine formulations to its partners. The company is ISO-certified and provides low-cost GMP-approved medicinal formulations. Biophar Lifecsinces is a major Third Party Manufacturing firm that works with a number of pharmaceutical companies to deliver high-quality production services. The organization provides the greatest explanation for why you should choose this company for manufacturing services by:

  • It has a skilled and experienced workforce
  • Collaboration of science and technology
  • Reliable Logistics and packaging services.

Lifecare Neuro

LIfecare Neuro is an Indian pharmaceutical firm that specializes in the development and marketing of pharmacological formulations. The company is renowned as the greatest third-party manufacturer since it offers low-cost pharma items made in Baddi's Special Economic Zones (Himachal Pradesh). Medicines Range has a number of pharma businesses linked with it for third-party drug manufacture. Lifecare also manufactures for other pharmaceutical firms as a third party and on a loan license basis. 

Psychocare Health

Psychocare Health Pvt. Ltd is a leading pharmaceutical company in India, specializing in neurology and psychiatric drugs. You can approach the organization for cost-effective Third Party Manufacturing services near you because it is engaged in GMP-WHO manufacturing, supplying, selling, and marketing. The company has over 200 pharmaceutical goods with complete quality assurance and DCGI and FSSAI certifications. Psychocare Health will offer exceptional manufacturing services in a variety of ways, including:

  • Economic Rates
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Own Manufacturing plants
  • Attractive Packaging.

Medibyte Pharma

Medibyte is a pharmaceutical company based in Chandigarh that provides high-quality drug solutions. Transparency, ethics, cooperation, and many more key characteristics are well-known at Medibyte. The firm is backed up by world-class manufacturing facilities that have been certified by the GMP and WHO. Medibyte is a fantastic place to work because of the environmentally friendly environment it maintains. Gynecology, Cardiac and diabetic, Orthopedic, and other medicine categories are among the company's offerings. All of the medicines are formulated using strict quality guidelines or measures because the company is ISO accredited.


Gcehm is India's leading pharma company for third-party manufacturing services, as the company provides high-quality medications. The company produces a wide range of pharmaceuticals that have been fully certified by higher agencies, such as GMP and WHO. Pharma businesses can use Gchem's Third Party Manufacturing services to bring new medicine formulations to their product lines. The company's core motto is client satisfaction, as it is an ISO verified company. As a result, the business offers:

  • Wide list of Product portfolio
  • Own Manufacturing Units with Certifications
  • Timely Delivery of the ordered medicines

Krishlar Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical company "Krishlar Pharmaceutical" is based in Chandigarh, Punjab. The company thrives to please its clients as an ISO 9001: 2015 certified firm, and it is the company's principal goal. All of the medicines are created under the supervision of highly trained healthcare specialists. Krishlar has built a solid reputation in the market by offering:

  • GMP-WHO certified manufacturing services
  • Economic rates of the medicines
  • Proper quality control on the medicines.

Asterisk Healthcare

Asterisk Healthcare is an ISO-certified company that provides high-quality pharmaceutical products to India's third-party manufacturing companies. Because of its pure and organic ingredients, Asterisk Healthcare is a well-known pharma producer in Chandigarh. All of the drugs' manufacturing and distribution are DCGI-approved. The company is certified by International Standards, ensuring that the items we offer are of the highest quality. The company provides excellent third-party manufacturing services, such as:

  • By providing high-quality, industry-standard medicine
  • Provide a more in-demand, innovative spectrum of medicine.
  • Orders must be completed in a timely and accurate manner in order to be delivered on time.
  • To ensure the quality of medications, they must be packaged in high-quality, appealing, and tamper-proof packaging.

Cassopeia Pharma

Cassopeia Pharmaceuticals, a leading ISO 9001:2008 Pharma Company in Panchkula, offers the most well-known medicinal formulations in the market, all of which are GMP-WHO certified. Because of its commitment to creating, enhancing, manufacturing, and distributing a wide range of pharmaceuticals, the company enjoys a stellar reputation in the industry. Because the company is committed to improving healthcare, it provides a comprehensive list of DCGI-approved items for third-party manufacturing services.

Texas Pharmaceuticals

Texas Pharmaceuticals is a leading pharmaceutical company in India, dealing with a wide range of products such as tablets, capsules, soft-gel capsules, ointments, injectables, drops, creams, gels, syrups, dry solutions, oils, protein powders, and more. Texas Pharmaceutical adheres to all of the government's rules and regulations. Because of our strong understanding of how to formulate high-quality pharmaceuticals, we are India's leading Third Party/Contract Manufacturer.

United Labs

In Chandigarh, United Laboratories is a well-known third-party manufacturing company. Many pharma specialists and professionals praise the company's pharmaceutical product lines for their quality and performance. The company strives to deliver a high-quality assortment of pharmaceuticals at the most competitive prices possible. The company has a well-equipped production facility that complies with WHO and GMP standards.


We trust that we have given you the most up-to-date information about the best Pharma Manufacturers in Karnataka. Now you may pick the greatest company from the list to get the most out of your business's growth. For more information, please visit the websites of these companies compare the services, and then choose the best of them.