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Third-Party Pharma Manufacturing Company in Tripura

Third-Party Pharma Manufacturing Company in Tripura - Biophar Life Sciences is well-reputed ISO-accredited Pharmaceutical company in our nation with the main objective of serving all the linked partners with the best possible services and that’s why we are conceived as the top Third-Party Pharma Manufacturing Company in Tripura. We provide manufacturing services for an excellent range of DCGI & FSSAI approved Pharma drugs. These are made available in different forms such as tablets, syrups so that one gets various options.

We also cover an extensive range of various Pharmaceuticals such as derma range, gynae range, neurology range, nutraceutical range, and much more. Being a key player in the whole market makes us the best Third-Party Pharma Manufacturing Company in Tripura as we make sure that all of our partners are being served in the best way possible. We are offering these services as we are well aware of the fact that the demand for the pharma products are increasing day by day and the companies are not able to meet the same demand therefore to fill the gap we have entered this field. 

Take Services From The Best Third Party Manufacturers - Biophar Life Sciences

Our firm is one of the best third-party manufacturers in the nation that has been engaged in the production of high-quality products. The manufacturing plant on which we have established the whole unit of our company is very spacious which allows us to do each and every task in a very brief manner. The production process consists of various departments each for tablets, capsules, syrups, powder, sachets. Our research team does every kind of test on all the molecules and tries out new combinations so that the latest formulations can be delivered to the clients. 

  • The manufacturing unit of our firm consists of hi-tech machines which are capable of processing large amounts of orders.
  • Various tools and other equipment are used which ensures that the efficiency is at its best.
  • Our unit is located at a duty-free location because of why we are able to offer our services at a very competitive rate.
  • Regular sanitization is being done in the production plant so that all kinds of adulterations can be avoided.
  • The equipment used by us is serviced and lubricated for getting the peak performance every time they are used.
  • The quality assurance team undertakes the work of inspecting all the pros and cons of doing a task so that a minimum amount of resources gets wasted whose benefit is given to the client working with us.

Offering Third Party Services in Each Corner Of The Nation

Quality is one such thing that can’t be overlooked whether we talk about the pharma industry or any other one, especially if it’s related to the health of the people. A systematic production lane is used to do all the tasks which result in the completion of all the work in a very short span of time. The professional team that works with us listens to all the requirements of our clients so that we can give them more than their expectations which also assists us to make a better name for ourselves. Below is a list of the Pharma range that we manufacture by taking orders from the companies.

  • Gynae Range 
  • Nephro Range
  • Neurology Range
  • Nutraceutical Range
  • Neuropsychiatric Range
  • General Range
  • Orthopedic Range
  • Cardiac Range
  • Diabetic Range

Additional Benefits Of Joining Hands With Biophar Life Sciences

The production and the marketing team working with any company plays an important role in its success and being the manufacturer of the products for them, we make sure to adhere to all the guidelines given by WHO & GMP so that we can surpass the expectations of our clients in terms of the end result. According to some research conducted by various institutions, we have come to the result that the Pharma companies are facing many issues related to getting the best third party manufacturing services from various partners. Therefore to fill the gap and fulfill their requirements we are offering various additional benefits to them.

  • Fast Logistics Service - Getting the ordered products, not on proper time has become a cause of worry for many people and because of that, they feel unsafe while working with any third party manufacturer. But that’s not the case with us as we deliver all the ordered products on time so that none of our partners face any kind of problem.
  • Stock Availability - Whenever someone orders some products and if they get to know that the stock is not ready on time, they feel that they are linked to a bad company. That’s why we always try to make all kinds of stock available to all the linked partners of our company so that they feel confident working with us.

How To Avail Our Third Party Manufacturing Services?

There are numerous reasons why more and more Pharma companies are interested in taking services from third-party manufacturers. Not only they are able to avoid the costly machines, but it also facilitates them to get all the required goods on time. This becomes very useful for those individuals who have just started their Pharma business and are yet to invest in various equipment. Taking services from a well-reputed company like Biophar Life Sciences allows them to enjoy the benefit of economies of scale and much more. Following is a list of steps that are involved in getting our services.

  • First of all, you need to make a list of all the pharma drugs and their combinations which you need to get manufactured and then send the same to us.
  • After getting the list we will send a quote of all the products with their respective price.
  • Then you need to quote other important details such as packaging type, etc which are very crucial to the success of the product.
  • Various Legal formalities and paperwork need to get sent by the client to us which includes GST details, drug license, Adhar card details, Pan Card details.
  • After that, we will commence the production of the order and the time taken will depend upon the quantity of the order. The same is delivered when it's done within a very short span of time. 


If you are also an owner/member of a Pharma company and want to get your products manufactured by us so that you too can enjoy various benefits then contact us at the below-given details.

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