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Third Party Manufacturing Company in Sikkim

Third Party Manufacturing Company in Sikkim – Biophar Lifesciences is an ISO certified pharma company that deals in an extensive range of quality pharma products. All the formulations offered by the company are completely safe and sound and are exclusively found at our company. We offer our manufacturing services across the state. Due to our genuine and reliable services, we are widely known as the leading Third Party Manufacturing Company in Sikkim. The whole range of products is verified by the leading certificatory organizations like ISO and DGCI and is afterwards launched in the market.

The company has its manufacturing units furnished with the latest and upgraded machinery and technology that helps us in the safe production of products that has no side effects on the patient. Our company has links with the best distributors who help us in delivering the orders on time; therefore, you will not fall short of stock on any day. Collaborate with the best Third Party Manufacturing Company in Sikkim, Biophar Lifesciences and run your business successfully, without worrying about the production of your products. We take full responsibility for your orders.

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Leading Pharma Manufacturing Company in Sikkim – Biophar Lifesciences

The highly reputed pharma company, Biophar Lifesciences, offers an extensive range of quality pharmaceutical products that help heal a vast variety of health issues. The production units of the company are armed with enhanced machinery and are located in excise-duty free locations. The whole range of products by our company is highly recommended by several reputed doctors and specialists. We have over 500+ formulations, offered by our pharmacists along with which, we also offer customized products formulations. We are capable of producing bulk orders and deliver them on time.

  • Tax-free manufacturing services
  • Prompt delivery
  • Regularly updated product list
  • Highly safe and reliable formulation
  • The skilled and experienced research and development team
  • Genuine and transparent deals

Extensive Product portfolio

At Biophar Lifesciences, we have over 500+ products being traded in the market. All our formulations are highly secure to use and rarely has any side effects. We understand the requirement of quality medicines to heal the health conditions of the patients and so we give prime preference to the quality of our formulations. The raw extracts used in the production of our products are all gathered from the best vendors of the marketplace. We deal in different drug segments like cardiac diabetic range, pediatric range, gyne medicines, ortho range, general medicines, etc. All our products are available in different dosage formulations like:

  • Tablets
  • Soft gelatin
  • Syrup
  • Cosmetic
  • Capsule
  • Drops
  • Paediatrics range
  • Dusting powder
  • Ointment
  • Sachet
  • Nasal spray, etc.

Packaging methods adopted by the Company

Packaging is an important aspect in the manufacturing industries as it not only helps in keeping the products safe from leakage or spillage but it also keeps the products safe from the outer atmosphere and dust. We opt for different packaging techniques and offer customized packaging of the formulations. From smallest to considerably big, we have all sized packages available. The different types of packaging material and techniques used at our company are:

  • PVC Based Combinations (Blister/Alu-Alu)
  • Bottles
  • Injectibles/ Vials
  • Containers
  • Cartons
  • Lamitubes
  • Paper
  • Paper Board

Benefits of collaborating with Biophar Lifesciences

With years of hard work and dedication, we have come up to be known as the best third-party manufacturing company in India. We provide our services in all parts of the country providing several pharma companies with top-class drugs at affordable rates. Our company has employed highly skilled and experienced pharmacists who have been working constantly on the formulation of our highly demanded products. There are several benefits our collaborative pharma companies get:

  • They do not have to spend a huge amount in setting up their manufacturing units. They can rely on us for the production of their products.
  • We offer custom packaging and attractive labelling for all the products to attract more customers.
  • At our company, you will get all-time availability of the stock; you can place the orders whenever you feel like it.
  • Our firm allows pharmaceutical companies to focus on sales and marketing by offering them high-quality pharma manufacturing services.

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