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Composition : CHOLECALCIFEROL (60000IU)

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Description of Cholecalciferol Softgel Capsules

Vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol is used to treat Vitamin D insufficiency and osteoporosis. For the treatment of vitamin D3 deficiency, the doctor will prescribe this medication.

How do Cholecalciferol Softgel Caps work?

Cholecalciferol or Vitamin D3 is a particular kind of vitamin D. It increases the amount of vitamin D in your blood. This helps you absorb more calcium from food, which elevates calcium levels in your blood.

Side Effects 

No common side effects seen of Cholecalciferol 

Cholecalciferol  Softgel Capsules Manufacturer and Supplier

Biophar Lifecsince is India's best pharmaceutical firm, specializing in high-quality pharmaceuticals to treat society's varied healthcare issues. Biophar Lifesciences has built a solid reputation in the pharmaceutical market by devoting significant resources to developing high-volume, low-cost pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical companies are invited to become partners with the company and benefit from our world-class manufacturing services in India. The company is now providing Third Party Manufacturing services with a Cholecalciferol capsule.