Tips To Get Started A Pharmaceutical Wholesale Distribution Business In India

Pharma franchise wholesale business

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The distributor interface within the pharma franchise propagation series is that the drug dispersion pharmaceutical bulk business is that those who buy prescriptions from large suppliers, as an example, Merck and Pfizer, give them a place in Stockholm and spread them to different pharma franchise stores. .

At present, if you are planning to open a PCD Pharma Franchise Corporation in India, then there are components for you to consider such a purpose market, strategy to complete, incredible surprises, representatives, and diverse others.

Make a method for fulfillment

You need your layout, your financial information, your cash related assets, your pharma franchise business sales technology, your point of view, a way to start a website, your legitimate Pharma Franchise business structure, the amount of staff, etc.

Think about showing your goal

For PCD pharma franchise company in Gujarat and later, consider your objective market to decide the right place for your business. You can think of some of the options, examine each of your decisions and decide the simplest location, so that it can accommodate hospitable roads and expressways and wherever you are focused on pharma franchise business areas, you will find many opportunities. Will not be

Apply for license, insurance and permit

Receive security, licenses and mandatory permissions Process Representatives that you ask for your PCD pharma franchise in India. You want to contract with those people who are educated with Meds and your PCD pharmaceutical business can be the key to achievement.

Boost your Pharama Franchise business

There are several ways to promote your pharma franchise business. You will be able to try that weakly approach to that area unit. One place to place place is one among the brilliant views of your business market. To try that collaborative approach and do not sacrifice a fate at that time. Explore Only You

Establishing Showcase Effort You may have a tight perspective to develop your Pharma franchise Circulation business. For your purpose of reading, you know about your business, and who you provide, you want to fill in your PR head as an example, using the online networking locale as an example, Facebook and Twitter. Will be able to do it.

Many of us are creating exploitation, you are involved in these localities by taking interest with the people linked to these destinations.

You have to determine the business web edge. You will have the ability to understand the effectiveness of your business by tampering with expenditure and understanding the cost of goods. You want to imagine that you increase the general revenue; You will be able to do this on a large scale, having a long roof contract with a supplier for low prices, etc.


You should try to explore your rivals in the field of PCD Pharma franchise company in the Republic of India. What are you talking about those people and the way they develop their own pharma franchise business, want to get it. In doing so, you will be able to establish confidence in whatever you get, and whatever you provide will be able to provide you. This may be due to the probability of closure of your pharma Franchise business facility, that you may try best to be before them.

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10 Top Tips For Choose The Best Pharma Franchise Company In India

How to choose Pharma Franchise Company?

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Select Pharma Franchise Company – Nowadays you will get your productive option from starting a Pharma Franchise business. In many parts of the world, it is important in the Republic of India, Pharma franchise Division is developing at a rapid pace. During this half-time, the institution’s system is one of the simplest selections, to think about it. Taking no inconvenience to collect a plant or workplace, there will be no doubt that any franchise pharmaceutical company will take the institution of the franchise company.

Tips to Choose Pharma Franchise Company?

Before choosing a pharma franchsie organization for organization structure, you will keep in mind the information given below:


The distant party colleague suspects that the PCD pharma franchise you are selecting is an infectious name, in which the collaborative insights of the Polish system. The name of perfection of closed probability is effectively rolled, then people may have the ability to remember, and as a result, additional shopkeepers should be equally aware of.

Brand Name

Like Pharma Franchise Company’s name, it is straightforward to appeal its associates in a similar manner and clarify the name. On the closed prospects that experts believe it is difficult to remember and review the name of the item, they will surely assume that its lawyer has a problem.

Range of items

This is not necessary for an extended item list, however, it should be feasible to work in a nutshell and should include it in the area unit which all the excess is usually sold out. What is extra, you should also make sure that in a nutshell there is a large part of those things which have to be compelled to provide you

promotional material

In the franchise Pharma business, there is no shortage of special content, for example, MR pack, timetable, visual guide, update card, cover, scratch chain, pen stand, magazines etc. On these lines, make sure the pharmaceutical pcd company provides such things


Packaging holds trustworthy importance, because it is known with the brain analysis of the client / patients and additionally physicists. Good Clues on Standard Items

Check on-line survey

There is a heap of knowledge in the web world, and these days, there will be no shopkeeper to distribute their encounters. During this approach, check out web surveys for additional insights into the organization.

Net rates

Before choosing the organization of any pharmaceutical franchise company for its institution, but it is ideal to appear on the number of 5 organizations. On these lines, you will have the ability to consult about high rates.

Acceptance of share

If the Pharma franchise company is not able to express the things you requested on time, then you will lose your business. Before selecting a company, check all the lines that go with these traditional proposals, on these lines.

Agreements related to promoting promotion

When you become a franchisee of any PCD pharmaceutical company, then it is an introduction to you that given the fact that you have been given only grand business model rights, offered on similar stamp papers.

Terms of installation

Apart from the prices, you have been known in the same way with all the necessary things in terms of mode and installment.

Believe that you will notice the following tips profitable

4 Simple Things That Should Think Before Choosing Any PCD Pharma Franchise Company

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When you search for a great PCD Pharma Franchise company, you face many Pharmaceutical franchise companies in India. However, not all of them offer you the best service, so you have to use enough caution to make your choice. By making the right choice, you will get high quality products, and also have an excellent expertise with them.

The more you learn the more given below, the more help you make, the better  pcd franchise company you choose.

Legal identity

All pharma franchise Company should be registered with all concerned officers in India. By checking that they are legally registered, you will be assured that you are managing a real pcd pharma company and avoid being victim of fraud in the market. Therefore, before you can enter into any kind of agreement with the PCD  franchise company, you will have to take up all legal documents to prove that they are genuine and reputable. It should be ensured through legal conditions, Everyone told their actions. Once you work with a legally authorized and licensed pcd company, you will be able to be assured within the right place.

View reviews

There are thousands of PCD pharmaceutical companies in India. All of them do not provide proper satisfaction to their buyers with their product or customer service. This may be because it is very important for you to travel through web reviews given by those people who have worked with them before. Looking at these reviews, you are ready to confirm the names of various corporations. You want to assume with the best rating among the past buyers with an organization. High ratings indicate that you can depend on the corporate so that you can get the simplest supply.

Check the offer and rebate provided

Different PCD pharmaceutical franchise companies offer the differents type of proposal in India, however the offer does not appear continuously. As you are searching for, it is very important that you are investigating the company, with the simplest deal in terms of what they are offering. Many offers wish to embrace promotional inputs like gifts, bonuses, directories, accessories et al. Also, for those proposals, find the organization that gives the most favorable discount discount organization, it can be important so that you can save cash after getting it from them.

Corporate history

It is very important that you work with a PCD pharma franchise company with the operation of long history in India. It can not be said that new companies do not offer good service, although it is a figure with an organization that has been operating for many years. So far an organization has been in business, you are just happy with the upper possibilities that they provide. For the extra present, this extra shows that people have confidence and trust in them, so they are allowed to stay long during this highly competitive business.


You need to imagine these factors to ensure that you work with a simple PCD pharmaceutical company. Take some time because you are doing your own analysis to avoid making mistakes, which can be valuable to you in the future. The most important factor seems to be for referrals or reviews so that the simplest person can be motivated.

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Think Important Things to Choosing the Right PCD Franchise

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Many PCD pharma franchise companies class measures run in India will give you PCD or franchise only for your area. Although they are very strictly selected, the United Nations agency for corporations exploring their production plants, the most important advantage of such a company is that they will give the goods at the best taxable rate and will provide assurance of continued access to drugs and medicines. .

It is important to be a quality drug product

If you give high and quality pharmaceutical company goods at affordable prices, then your business is likely to run and run successfully in its area.

PCD Pharmaceutical Company Franchise Agreement

This contract is mainly signed between pharmaceutical company franchise distributor and pharmaceutical company franchise company. This agreement has been mutually ratified in the terms and conditions of the agreement. If you want the best PCD franchise business in India, you can take the convenience of the net to get any information.

A good PCD pharmaceutical company should also have an upright full name and recognition for the high quality of the goods. Apart from this, corporate reality, access to goods, a powerful consumer base are also factors, while selecting one of the PCD pharmaceutical companies in India ( There are different types of merchandise that satisfy the wishes of patients correctly and correctly

Pharma Insight India Report 2017

India Market Report 2017

Domestic sales to drive generic industry growth and exports of biosimilars to drive next wave of innovation

The 2016 CPhI Indian Pharma Insight report is designed to evaluate the overall growth prospects of domestic Indian pharma companies and foreign pharmaceutical companies working within the India pharmaceutical market.

CPhI – the world’s leading pharmaceutical networking event, with over 100,000 attendees globally – is using its collective resources to create Pharma Insight reports, analysing individual parts of the pharma industry. The vision is to harness the powerof CPhI’s independent position within the industry so that it can produce unbiased analysis of the global pharmaceutical industry and help to see emerging trends and bring different perspectives together. The Pharma Insights series features perspectives from CPhI exhibitors, attendees and the wider industry.

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India at a Glance: Source CIA World Factbook

  • Population: 1, 266, 883, 598 (July 2016 est.)
  • Capital: New Delhi
  • Chief of State: President Pranab Mukherjee (since 22 July 2012)
  • GDP: $2.073 trillion (2015 est.)
  • GDP growth rate: 7.6% (2015 est.)
  • GDP per capita: $6,200 (2015 est.)
  • Exports: $272.4 billion (2015 est.); petroleum products, precious stones, vehicles, machinery, iron and steel, chemicals, pharmaceutical products, cereals and apparel
  • Imports: $409.2 billion (2015 est.); crude oil, precious stones, machinery, chemicals, fertilizer, plastics, iron and steel

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Renowned as the pharmacy of the world, the Indian pharma economy has been lauded for its rapid growth in recent decades. This has cooled down in recent years, but the industry is again growing strongly. Compounded annual growth is 17.6%; Indian pharma is expected to be worth 55 billion USD by 2020.’ In line with this, the lifescience sector in India is also expected to employ close to 3.5 million people by 2022, a 100% increase in under a decade.” The Indian pharma industry owes its success to its bold, ambitious approach, history of innovative and an ability to constantly adapt to the dynamic global market.

Over the past five years, India has become the leading API and finished dose drug exporter to the Western markets and has rapidly moved up the pharmaceutical value chain. Drug approvals given by the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) to Indian companies have nearly doubled from 109 (2014-2015) to 201 (2015-2016), stimulating further growth in exports to the United States and Western economies.

Additionally, the Indian government is now providing more support working hand-in-hand with its businesses to develop incentives to further boost growth. One of these is the recent relaxation of FDI rules, encouraging greater outside investment in the Indian pharma industry. As a result, there has been a renewed interest in acquisitions by overseas pharma companies looking to establish a manufacturing base in India. This trend began when Abbott acquired Piramal for 3.7 billion USD in 2010. Abbott broke the traditional model of market entry buying Piramal’s domestic generic business to sell into the Indian market. This allowed Piramal to reinvest and provide contracting services to Western markets. More recently, the Swedish CDMO, Recipharm, took the opposite approach and acquired Kemwell in order to lower production costs for some of its contract services clients, demonstrating the diversity of targets and opportunities available.

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Conversely, we have also seen the big Indian players expanding overseas with deals such as Cipla’s acquisitions of Invagen Pharmaceuticals and Exelan Pharmaceuticals. However, the motivation for medium- to large-sized Indian pharma companies pursuing international acquisitions is mainly to strengthen market presence in developed and emerging markets. As a result, there is a convergence of business models. High-margin businesses in the West are purchasing Indian companies to lower production costs; big Indian players are looking to develop higher-margin products, while retaining facilities closer to their sales markets.

India is recognised for its affordable, high-quality generics and as a global exporter of APIs. But, increasingly it has become more dependent on China’s cheaper API sources. The generic industry needs to remain competitive in the low-cost, low-margin finished-dose generics market. Recently, the Indian government and pharma industry have expressed concerns over the long-run impact. If China were to cut the supply, the effect on production could be dramatic. 70% of India’s intermediary formulations are imported from China.3 To combat this, the government is promoting resurgence in the Indian API sector to maintain tighter control of the supply chain. The Drugs Technical Advisory Board (DTAB) has even suggested a protectionist strategy proposing a levy on imports. The Indian

government is nevertheless providing domestic producers with incentives by offering more affordable land and facilities to build API parks. They hope that this will reduce manufacturing costs by a third and boost competitiveness.

The Indian pharma market has been unable to allay suspicions from developed markets over the compromise that affordable drugs might have in terms of data integrity. Many professionals, however, argue that India’s pharma sector is maturing, but is close to becoming a robust regulatory environment. Once these issues are overcome, India is certain to further its international attractiveness. In the past couple of years, regulatory warning letters by the FDA have pushed pharma businesses to be more alert and comply in maintaining quality standards. These have also led government and industry to focus on improving quality. A clear example is the partnership between the CDSCO and FDA and Indian businesses, helping make approval processes for drugs and manufacturing facilities faster, more efficient and more robust..

As the established generic sector improved, the industry is expanding into new and emerging sectors. Due to the low margins faced in API manufacturing and the new global interest in biologic therapies, large pharma businesses in India are seeing new opportunities for expansion in the biosimilar and biotechnology sectors. The Indian biosimilar industry has grown by a staggering 30% CAGR since 2008.5 The government is also investing in the biotech industry, providing funding through the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) and assisting in the biotech start-ups targeting 2,000 new businesses by 2020 near treble the present figure.6 New CDSCO guidelines add to prospects for Indian biosimilars. They provide comparable biosimilar standards to those in Europe and the United States. Significant growth opportunities are a clear possibility.

Biocon is one of the top biotech companies targeting entry into the Western market. It will launch its first biosimilar products in Europe by 2018 and has three other products targeted for launch in the USA and Europe: pegfilgrastim, trastuzumab, insulin glargine and adalimumab. Similarly, Dr Reddy’s has four biosimilar products for both emerging and developed markets; rituximab, filgrastim, pegfilgrastim and darbepoetin. contract services for biologicals are another growth area; Biocon’s subsidiary, Syngene, is making big gains servicing big pharma and biotech companies.

India’s pharma industry can also find great potential in the growing public health sector. The middle classes across the country are expanding, leading to rapid growth in private healthcare. Public medical infrastructures are improving, as a result. National demand for pharmaceuticals is growing as a consequence; the incentives for Indian pharma companies to focus on domestic opportunities are obvious. Recent increase of lifestyle diseases, both in India and across the globe, are a new factor creating a gateway for new drug production prospects and chronic therapies for cardiovascular therapies, anti-diabetes, anti-depressants, and anti-cancers.

Over the next few years, the government’s Pharma Vision 2020 aims to make the nation a global leader in end-to-end drug manufacturing. More generally, the country is now rapidly emerging as a major contributor across the pharma supply chain from R&D through to generics.

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This report

Building upon research collected from domestic and international surveys, we aim to present a holistic picture of recent trends, challenges and, most crucially, future opportunities for the pharmaceutical sector in India.


The Pharma Insight Report is a collection of primary data analysis conducted by UBM EMEA and UBM India. It examined 433 domestic and 65 international survey transcripts. Domestic and international perspectives have been sought as the Indian pharma industry is becoming more integrated into the global market. Both the domestic and international respondents work in varying pharmaceutical fields including; ingredients manufacturing, generics, CDMO/CMO, biotech or biosimilars, pharmaceutical machinery and packaging. The range of respondents from different pharmaceutical companies provides an broad-based and all-encompassing analysis of the Indian pharma industry.

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Indian Pharma’s resurgence

Indian consumers are spending more on healthcare as urbanisation continues apace. Health insurance coverage continues to grow acting as a key driver for demand. In the past few years, many Indian companies have grown through overseas expansion. They are increasingly focused on meeting international product standards, particularly those of American or European markets. Acceptance in such markets has strengthened brand credibility. However, the recent CDSCO certifications have been key to increasing confidence domestically helping to drive demand among country’s middle classes for Indian-made drugs.

The Indian pharma industry has recorded exponential growth rates in the past decade, but this has slowed lately due to infrastructural constraints and the evident need to boost regulatory standards. However, views of domestic manufacturers and international companies point strongly to renewed industry confidence. A renewed period of exponential growth in both domestic sales and exports is a distinct likelihood. Domestic respondents predict growth averaging 30.5% next year, while international respondents estimate the figure at 24%. Interestingly, 70% of domestic and 51.5% of international respondents see domestic sales

as the main driver over the next three to five years. This contrasts with past, export-led growth.

An analysis by sector (see charts 1 and 2) shows that both domestic and international respondents believe finished dose (58.7% and 55.3%) and APIs (42.6% and 47.7%) will experience the fastest growth in the next few years. This is to be expected as India’s stronghold has traditionally been exports of finished-dose drugs and APIs. Additionally, however, there are now predictions of greater utilisation of domestically sourced APIs for finished drug manufacture. Respondents believed this synergy is contributing to the rapid growth of both sectors. Biosimilars and biologics are also expected to surge in 2017 thanks in large part to several of the larger pharma and generic players pushing forward with new products.

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Chart 1: International response on which segment of the Indian pharma industry will grow fastest

Biophar Lifesciences is one of the Top 10 pcd pharma companies in India. PCD Pharma Company offers franchise in India. For any Information or If you are a pharma professional and looking pcd pharma franchise feel free to visit us at : 2: Domestic response on which segment of the Indian pharma industry will grow fastest

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Two-tier business model in India

India is the leading exporter of finished-dosage forms. There are two business models targeting two different types of foreign market. The first (type 1) is the Western pharma economies, consisting mainly of the United States and Europe. In this market, India is a prime provider of complex generics, branded drugs/OTC, and biosimilars due to its cost-efficient and high quality products. Larger pharma companies are now looking beyond these two

Western markets and expanding into Japan. Japanese generic use is forecast to expand rapidly – after many years of largely on-patent drugs – yielding greater profit opportunities. On the other hand, India’s smaller pharma companies (type 2) have focused on developing countries as their export market; in particular, on high-volume, low-margin generic products. Consolidation amongst these providers is likely as they try and progress up the value chain, and move into formulations with greater profit margins.

Moreover, with the increasing government investments in healthcare and the growing gentrification in India’s middle and lower classes, all companies are looking increasingly the domestic market for further expansion opportunities. Similar to global markets, the Indian pharma market is divided; lower cost and a middle-to-upper cost (branded) companies share the selling spectrum with small manufacturers targeting the lower-end and large companies focusing on the more affluent half.

“with the increasing government investments in healthcare and the growing gentrification in India’s middle and lower classes, all companies are looking increasingly the domestic market for further expansion opportunities.”

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Chart 3: to which markets do you export?

Biophar Lifesciences is one of the Top 10 pcd pharma companies in India. PCD Pharma Company offers franchise in India. For any Information or If you are a pharma professional and looking pcd pharma franchise feel free to visit us at :“Our Pharma companies are on a par with US & European standards, but at cheaper rate, so we foresee more exports to these countries”

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What technologies are people investing in?

Domestic companies are currently investing in four main areas:

  • around 50% in ‘commercial scale and scale-up facilities;
  • around one third in ‘continuous processing’; and
  • just over 20% each in both ‘biologics’ and ‘aseptic/sterile’.

Over the next three-years, however, the number of companies planning to invest in biomanufacturing facilities rises to one third. It’s most notable that more expensive facilities and capabilities needed for continuous processing and biomanufacturing are being added to India’s traditional base of commercial-scale finished-product facilities. A smaller number of companies (just under 15%) reported they are actively investing in ‘cold chain’ and ‘single use’ facilities.

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APIs and the battle with China

India has traditionally been the leading API exporter for low-cost, high-volume APIs. However, in the last decade, China has emerged as a very strong contender, particularly in developing markets, where cost considerations are the primary driver. Surprisingly, many Indian manufacturers also now rely upon Chinese-made, rather than Indian-made APIs for the production of finished formulations due to China’s extremely low cost in certain generic classes. Indian formulations needed to remain competitive, so switched to cheaper ingredients, which allowed manufacturers to retain better profit opportunities in this low-margin sector

An overwhelming 86% of domestic respondents agree that the Indian generics industry as a whole needs to reduce its reliance on APIs sourced from China. On the international side, there is some ambivalence. 62.3% agree that India needs to ‘reduce its overdependence on Chinese APIs’, but a significant minority, 37.7%, believed that ‘this is how global supply chains works’. This discrepancies is most likely due to Indian pharma companies more direct experience and

awareness of the risks of over-dependence. In general, the key take-out is that most respondents see the threat China poses. One scenario would be if China decided to grow its generic industry. India would potentially lose a majority of certain types of API product supply chains, as well as intermediates. In some cases, China is already expanding its industry and competing with India’s finished dose market. The majority of domestic companies (81%) believe that the

Indian government needs to ‘urgently invest in domestic API facilities and provide tax-breaks and incentives to secure the Indian generics industry’ and prevent losses in market share.

There is also a growing concern over Indian businesses using APIs sourced from China; this is mainly due to their perceived lower quality. The majority of international respondents (73%) believe that APIs produced in India are of higher quality, with 42% of domestic respondents also ‘concerned about the quality of ingredients sourced from China (because of purity and critical quality attributes)’. This indicates that, whilst domestic Indian companies are concerned, international audiences perceive India’s ingredients as of a higher quality. There is clearly a market overseas for Indian API sales, but responses suggests a preference for finished formulations made using Indian ingredients.

Looking ahead to the next few years (see chart 3), 68% of international respondents think that India will remain ahead of China in terms of API exports. However, of this, 44% believe that India will prosper through exports in developed markets whilst China will grow in developing markets. On

the other hand, 32% believe that China is either overtaking India or is already ahead of India in API exports. Chinese ingredients are capturing market share; India needs to take precautionary measures to prevent its eclipse as a leading pharma exporter to both developing and developed countries.

“A strong domestic market does not only give confidence to local and regional manufacturers, but to the whole of the pharma industry. I think that the biggest opportunity for India to grow is to take back control of their API sourcing, instead of importing from China. The Indian industry needs to produce its own ingredients and intermediates, grow its manufacturing quality and exploit its expertise in regulated markets in order to keep growing”, noted one international respondent.”

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Chart 4: International responses on India and China in terms of API exports over next 1-2 years

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Growing across the world – Acquisitions and the global pharma market

In recent years, Indian pharma has further integrated into the global pharma supply chain. According to the UBM survey, almost half (46.6%) of the work done by

Indian pharma companies is for international markets. Of India’s overseas markets, the United States is the largest, and the industry is looking to cement its growth there. In 2015, USFDA approvals doubled from 109 to 201; 82.5% domestic respondents believe that this trend will continue over the coming years. There is still significant confidence in Indian products despite some recent data integrity issues.

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Growth through partnering or acquisitions?

In the next 12 months, 68% of domestic respondents are looking to work with an overseas pharma company. Larger Indian MNCs are seeking to increase penetration in Western markets. Smallerto-medium-sized companies are looking to increase skills and infrastructure through their partnerships with foreign companies.

Over the next one to three years, 36% of Indian pharma companies are planning acquisitions. Interestingly, 20% are looking at facilities in the USA and Europe with a further 7% looking at the rest of the world. Acquisition trends point to the scramble of many companies for greater size and scale. Some 25% are also looking at acquiring facilities within India itself. It seems certain there will be many domestic consolidations in the medium term.

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Chart 5: Domestic responses on plans for acquisitions in next 1-3 years

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Reasons for the prospective acquisitions are more insightful.

Respondents cited typically several factors. The most popular were:

  • looking to gain access to new markets (43%);
  • wanting to fill strategic gaps (30%);
  • interest in gaining new advanced technologies (26%); and
  • looking to increase size (24%).

Although there is a need for consolidation amongst providers, factors other than the desire to increase size are driving decisions; principally, the practical considerations of new services, markets and offerings. Similarly, Europe and the United States (50% of respondents each) are the most common export markets reported. This indicates a desire amongst leading manufacturers to have facilities closer to their customers.

In comparison, a much large number of international respondents (55.5%) plan on acquiring in India. Of these:

  • 58% are seeking to leverage India’s facilities for low-cost manufacturing targetting export driven sales;
  • 33% are using facilities in India for a mixture of domestic and international sales and
  • 24% are only focusing on domestic sales.

Nevertheless, with over half the international pharma respondents and a quarter of domestic companies looking to acquire in India there is likely to be a shortage of targets and a corresponding spike in prices for the most attractive sites. This may also make it increasingly difficult for domestic SMEs to suitable acquire facilities as they are priced out by overseas rivals. Further Government invention maybe required to help India’s vast SME manufacturing sector upscale into large multinational companies.

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Improving quality standards

In general, an overwhelming majority (92%) of international respondents would invest more, if India’s quality systems improved. However, international respondents are equally split between people thinking that CDSCO initiatives have improved the standards of Indian-made pharmaceuticals and people who believe that the industry is still in the process of improving and maturing (see chart 5). There is also a low level of scepticism (4%) over the lack of a quality culture in India. Overall, the international market is very positive and confident about the CDSCO and acknowledges India’s efforts to improve its reputation.


Chart 6: International responses on if CDSCO had improved confidence in Indian-made pharmaceuticals

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Domestic respondents are perhaps, unsurprisingly, even more positive believing the Indian pharma industry is improving and maturing and that there will be fewer issues in the near future. The government is leading the agenda and taking a more active role in improving the quality standards. 81% of domestic respondents believe that ‘the CDSCO is moving towards more comparable regulatory standards of the EMA and FDA’. Additionally, 67% of domestic respondents believe they will be able to meet the 1st January (2018) certification deadline set by the CDSCO, which will take Indian pharma one-step further in

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harmonizing with global standards.

Indian businesses are also implementing more quality control systems to meet regulatory standards with 88% of domestic respondents using Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) already (see chart 6). Furthermore, some companies are also operating more advanced quality control techniques; 45% use continuous improvement and 31% use quality metrics. Both of these methods are designed to enable pharma companies to iteratively improve standards rather than just meeting minimum requirements highlighting the move towards quality cultures.

Chart 7: Domestic responses on types of quality systems used

Biophar Lifesciences is one of the Top 10 pcd pharma companies in India. PCD Pharma Company offers franchise in India. For any Information or If you are a pharma professional and looking pcd pharma franchise feel free to visit us at :

The latest trend — biotechnology/biosimilars

Biologics and large-molecule drugs are undoubtedly the single biggest development in the pharma industry over the last decade. India, famed for its solid dose capabilities, has been quick to react and is increasing diversifying. Many Indian companies have identifed biologics as their major profit generator moving forwards, particularly with the cost advantages (and higher margins) that biosimilars sales will enable when exported in the US and Europe.

The new CDSCO’s ‘guidelines on similar biologics’ have been designed to facilitate this growth by improving efficacy data and helping the industry target exports into the West through harmonized standards. Whilst many of the international and domestic respondents state that the guidelines are not yet as stringent as the EMA or the USA, they do raise the bar for Indian MNCs. Arguably, they can be a stepping-stone to improving quality cultures. Furthermore, half of international respondents believe that India’s biosimilars are already interchangeable with the West, or will be under the updated guidelines. In the past few years, companies were intent on regulating the interchangeability of biosimilars to the original biologic. However, recently, the pharma industry is seeking to also regulate interchangeability between biosimilars. Thus, it is crucial that Indian biosimilars are closely comparable to Western products to drive growth and increase market share as the regulatory and patent positions become more defined over the next few years.

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In the short-term, the majority of Indian-manufactured biologics growth is anticipated to come from international sales. 64% of domestic companies believe that international sales will be the main driver in the sector; of this total, just over half expect growth to ‘predominantly overseas exports, supported by domestic sales’. Conversely, only 19% believe that ‘domestic sales will be the primary agent of growth’, whilst 17% believe that the Indian-made biologics will grow due to, ‘predominantly domestic sales, supported by international activity (see chart 7)’.

Biosimilars are more expensive to make and develop (with higher barriers for entry). However, as a result they deliver a higher-margin. This is acting as a key driver in investment decisions. Many believe Indian-made biologics will be able to deliver cost benefits comparable with what has already been achieved for conventional generics. Furthermore, with patents for 12 biologics expected to expire by 2020, estimates suggest that the global biosimilars market could reach USD 25-35 billion by 2020.7 Indian companies have a readily-defined market to target and invest in over the next decade. If the drugs can be developed and approved, clearly there are virtually guaranteed sales to be had.

Chart 8: Domestic responses on Indian manufactured biologics growth

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There is a parallel majority consensus internationally (65%) that overseas sales will be the main driver of Indian-made biologics (see chart 8). However, with the expanding middle classes in India there is also a growing emerging market domestically that could support some of the development costs.

Chart 9: International responses on Indian manufactured biologics growth

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What may hold India’s biotechnology sector back?

The vast majority (71.02%) of Indian pharma companies are not investing in bio-manufacturing capabilities. This is most likely attributed to the fact that many small- and mediumsized companies simply do not have the financial readiness to enter another pharma field even though consolidation may drive economies of scale. Roughly 40% of the domestic respondents stated that a ‘lack of government support was a key challenge in India’. Furthermore, 33.5% say the ‘lack

of financial investment’ is also to blame for holding back development. Finally, there is a small but significant minority (22.34%) that believes biosimilar growth is actually held back by the ‘lack of talent and expertise’ in India’s biology and chemistry sectors.

One solution is to form partnerships with Western pharma companies. The Mylan-Biocon partnership remains the ‘go to’ model; both domestic and international executives anticipate more such tie-ups in the future. 41% of international respondents believe that biologic alliances may develop between India and the West in the future, with 30% believing these will proliferate in the next three to five years. On the other hand, 24% believe it may only be possible if India can develop appropriate manufacturing capabilities.

Domestic companies are equally positive about potential partnerships, but many expect them sooner. 38% expect more partnerships in the next few years. However,,18% believe that ‘alliances can happen, but will be slow to develop’. A further 36% are more reticent and argue that although partnerships might be possible it will ‘depends on how quickly India’s pharma industry can develop manufacturing capabilities’.

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Chart 10: What are the main drag factors holding back biotechnology in India (domestic responses)

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How should the Government help stimulate R&D by using?

“Emerging institutions with centers of excellence, capability development of existing institutions, institution-industry partnership programs, encouraging innate drug development competencies, encouraging rational approach and global acceptability of age old therapies”.

What types of biosimilar products are being developed in India?

The most common biopharmaceutical product classes in India, according to domestic respondents, mirror the major disease areas and major pharma profit-drivers. ‘Anticancer drugs’ (81%) and ‘enhanced immune class’ (38%) were amongst the most common types of drugs product classes being worked on. This is reflective of the major advances internationally in monoclonal antibodies and peptides. Interestingly, and perhaps reflective of the huge domestic health issue in India, diabetes drugs were also seen by 63% as a primary product class being researched in the country. ‘Nervous system disorders’ (31%), ‘respiratory ‘(39%) and ‘antiretrovirals’ (33%) completed the list.

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Despite the recent slowing down of India’s pharma growth, many international and domestic executives in the market believe that the industry is well-set for another period of explosive growth after consolidating its services and regulatory approach. All respondents agree India is moving forward with Western regulatory and quality standards, both for solid dose and biological. This is expected to herald another period of growth in exports.

The findings show that industry confidence is now extremely high. Domestic manufacturers are bullish about near term revenue prospects, averaging a predicted 30.5% growth in 2017. In the past ten years, the industry has largely expanded its dollar value through international exports. This is set to continue as a major growth factor in the near future, with more USFDA approvals in the last year (201 ANDA up from 109) paving the way for increased generics sales in the United States. However, the picture is now broader than exports. The gentrification of the Indian healthcare economy is leading to an unprecedented surge in demand for domestic pharma. An impressive 70% of respondents anticipate domestic sales will be the main driver of growth for Indian pharma in the next 3-5 years.

The international reputation of the country on ‘data integrity’ has also improved massively; 96% agree that the CDSCO certification programmes and initiatives are helping increase compliance or could do. Even more impressive is the fact that 52% of respondents believed the CDSCO is moving toward comparability with the regulatory standards of the EMA and FDA. Interestingly, 92% of respondents stated that they would invest more in India if quality systems are improved further. As a result of these positive market conditions, 55% of international respondents are planning acquisitions or partnerships in India over the next few years. Reasons include, the desire of international companies to ‘lower the cost of manufacturing and export pharmaceuticals out of India’ (58%), as well as

overseas companies looking to sell ‘both domestically and internationally’ (33%).

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The general consensus is that India will also remain as the leading exporter of APIs. Its sales will be increasingly focussed on Europe, the USA Japan and India, with China taking an increasing share of emerging economies. Domestic use of Indian made APIs should also increase and alleviate some of the supply chain risks associated with dependence on intermediate/ingredient imports from China. This will also help reinforce sales in Western markets where there is growing interest in the origin of a finished product and the purity and robustness of the API supply chain. Emphasised by the international survey, there is much greater confidence in the quality of Indian made APIs; this should enable the country’s larger manufacturers to maintain market-share and margins even if China begins

entering the finished product generics market. However, for the smaller, low-cost generic businesses, China is an undoubted threat in emerging economies and they may need to be acquired or focus on domestic sales to survive. As such, significant consolidation is likely as the industry evolves towards biologicals and branded and high-value generic sales in advanced economies.

Overall, whilst India remains as the self-proclaimed pharmacy of the world, it is now moving towards becoming the ‘pharmacy of the world (for more advanced formulations)’. It has better formulation technologies and scientists than many of its rivals and its future growth will be on providing mid- to high-value drug classes rather than on the very cheapest generics. This should enable margins to rise steadily and may in fact represent a much greater overall opportunity. Essentially, India’s pharma industry is gradually moving away from China as its main rival and is taking greater market share in Europe, the United States and Japan. Alongside this, the predicted vast growth in domestic drugs sales in India should provide – once consolidated – the lower-margin, low-cost generic producers with good market openings. So we will see a continuation of the traditional generic industry. However, gradually this will move towards

more advanced formulations (with novel delivery systems), branded generics, combination drugs, biosimilars and even on-patent production. Additionally, in order to remain competitive with state-supported Chinese companies, there needs to be greater encouragement for the consolidation of smaller pharma companies so that they can compete on economies of scale. India is expected to remain ahead of China in API exports over the next 1-2 years, but it will need

to make further improvements in its structure in order to maintain this lead in the longer term. Finally, the reports argued the biosimilars and biologic

sector is now the hotbed of national innovation, and will see well above-market growth in India. With more biologics coming off-patent in the near future, there is a growing opportunity for pharma companies to make increased profits via biosimilars with interchangeable standards.

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