Find the best position for you in the PCD Pharma franchise Industry

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Working as a drug sales rep is a challenging yet rewarding job. This includes the highest educated people to find out how they can get the best results from their patients using their products. Although it is a demanding career line, Pharma franchise Cells Reopss is one of the most reputable professionals and also has amazing facilities. In addition, knowing that your product is actually working for the benefit of many people, there is another qualified qualification for this type of job

If you are looking for a career that is financially and mentally satisfying, start from here for some information on similar jobs, read:

Senior Medical Expert Sales Representative

Today’s PCD Pharma franchise companies prefer sales staff with sales and marketing professionals working at different levels. A range of Medical Sales Representatives speaks to private medical practitioners or family practitioners, while the other category hospitals are prepared to contact medical specialists directly. The latter is considered to be a high level job with high pay scale. While both have to promote pharma franchise products of a company, specialist experts have to do an extra duty to impart training to medical speakers at the training centers set up for specialist doctors. These work as a bridge between the professional manufacturing company and the hospital are those that need to be contacted for sponsorship programs and other such activities.

Obviously, if high medical specialists are following the medicine, then it is also affecting private practitioners.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

If you have a good qualification in sales and marketing, then becoming a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative is a fantastic career option for you. This career option demands dynamic and influential personality, with these symptoms in your attitude, you can earn a lot of money with attractive incentives. Some sales representatives opt to remain on this situation and not only for promotion to higher managerial position due to the promising nature of this job. And why not demand this position involves someone else in your performance.

managerial position

For people with suitable qualities, the sales representative’s position is a better option. However, every professional looks for promotions and enthusiasm, for such professionals, waiting for senior managerial positions. After working for a number of years as a sales rep, you become qualified and able to handle managerial work. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is believed that individuals who have worked as sales representatives for some years make the best marketing managers, while working as a sales rep, you always have managerial status to be on the card You can expect promotion in

Every day you spend as a sales executive in the PCD Pharma franchise company, connect your experience and help you refine your skills. Give yourself a chance to win; Where to start from here, move towards your success with us.

How to find out PCD franchise of a Pharma company are best or not ?

It is a smart option to start the PCD franchisee in the competitive business world, it is a developing niche

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In particular, India shows exceptionally great and confident trends for the pharmaceutical business. This is the place where the last three decades have been stepping on financial growth, and the rally seems to be moving ahead. With increased strength and attention to good health, the drug market will definitely increase and increase.

Even, it is unnecessary to say that the business of the PCD Pharma Franchise will earn significant profit. To maximize profit, it is fundamental that you select the right Pharma franchise company. Your prosperity is completely under the organization that you decide for business.

To find out which Pharma organization is the best business partner, you need some bits of knowledge. Here are some important focus

To know the basis of your product

You should choose an organization based on the demand of your product. It will not yet extend the business sales graph, besides this you will have to make the market more competitive and famous. In any case, it is also imperative that you do not enter the market which is now submerged. There, you have less space to prove yourself

Understanding the company‘s reputation

One would not really want to bet on the losing horse, so it is necessary to choose wisely and carefully examine the image of the brand

When you decide on a name that is trustworthy and well-known among the majority, you do not need to make efforts to make your place of business. To find out which organization is suitable for you, it is not an advanced science. A little research will help you use the internet in extra time, which are the main sources of data these days.

Keep in mind that an honest, ethical and profitable company for PCD Pharma Franchise Business is the best prospect.

See bad reviews

Within the scope of innovation, there is no problem obtaining data about Pharma Franchise Company. Before applying for the franchise business, you can read reviews and feedback on the off chance if most people are saying good things, then without any other thought that you can go for it. You should see different sources to affect it honestly and honestly.

Submit data from customers, channel associates and different sources when you explain it, you can proceed with business negotiation.

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Why PCD Based Pharma Franchise is the best Business

Welcome to Biophar Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. We are here to help you. We will try to solve all of your queries.

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Today we will talk about why pcd pharma franchise business is the best business. There are many reasons those prove that pcd pharma franchise business is the best business. First of all pcd pharma franchise business is one of the most business in now days If you are eligible for pcd pharma franchise business then you can start your pcd pharma franchise business at minimum investment and earn maximum income. This is the best thing and reason which is making a huge interest to pcd pharma franchise business. In addition many other things which are make pcd based pharma franchise is the best business.

Low risk Involvement

First of all there are no risk in pcd pharma franchise business company will try to provide fully support. But if this type of any condition you face then there are very low risk compare to other business because you can start your business at minimum investment. Minimum investment then minimum risk.

You are your own boss

You are the your own boss in your pcd pharma franchise business. You dont have to need provide the reports to anyone. You are independence to promote your business. and the most important thing is Its totally depend on you how much you will grow and how much you can earn.

Dont need to invest in promoting

You dont have to need invest in promoting material. Company provides the all the required promoting material to you to promote your business. Company provides visual ads, bags, catch covers, diaries, doctor Id cards, writing pad, pens, visiting cards and many other things.

Monopoly Rights

When you can join a best pharma franchise company then the company provides one of the most important thing monopoly rights  which is very helpful to you to decrease the competition in your area. On the based on monopoly right the  company does take a decision that you are the only candidate which is distribute all the products of company in whole area thats company provides you

They points are mentioned on this article are the most benefits of pcd pharma franchise business on the basis of these we say that pcd based pharma franchise in the best business.

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For any information related to pharma franchise or looking for pcd pharma franchise and pharma third party manufacturing feel free to send us a query we will provide instantly response of your queries

How much should be invested to start a pharma franchise company?

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Start Pharma Franchise Company: For the establishment of a Pharma franchise company most people have a problem of investment. Most people who want to start their own business, they witness this issue. Cash Apart Investment is incredibly important to decide any business, whether big or small

Things to stay in mind once the Pharma franchise company started

There are usually 3 types of investment:

Initial investment – which is necessary to correct business first.

The second investment – which can be necessary once you decide on your business.

Emergency Cash – which may be necessary for an emergency or contingency

In the initial steps for the beautiful functioning of your business, you can expect to exploit the investment as unbreakable in the form of reserved cash. You have to invest in doctors, products, markets etc. You also have to send good stock of your product to the market. A small portion of your investment will also be unbreakable for rejection and promotion. So you want to calculate your budget as a result

Do not Miss Pharmaceutical Sector in Construction in India

Documentation and licensing fees can be one-time investment, although the square measure is huge, you would like to be a little bit of your investment besides this.

Important steps have been taken in the Pharma Franchise Business

Prepare a list of well researches and all the combos that you want to present in the market.

Want to finalize the name of your PCD Pharma company? Just check that the name you decide on does not match with an existing company.

Look for a building, stock or license for a workplace, stock and license. You will either rent it or perhaps buy it, though you should have a compatible house with the norm.

Prepare all documents You must have a list of documents in addition to all the licenses

Finalize vendors of printers, manufacturers, etc.

Apply for license

Choosing a reputation for Pharma Franchise Business

Choosing a reputation for Pharma franchise business is another difficult part of determining a replacement business. Corporate name should include features that repeat the business or business type, as well as in the field of business as well. The first primary letter within the name) should have some qualities like the first letter three or eight characters, it must be straightforward to remember, it should be rolled only, there should be no silent character and it should be specific

You can choose the prestige option with the help of normal and daily words. It is very easy to settle on reputation for your pharma franchise company, although you want to ensure that no separate business exploitation is the same name.

So this square measures the many important things for which one has to remain intact in the mind while fixing a replacement pharma franchise business. Just check that you follow just one right way that you are not hurrying things up.

To start Pharma franchise company, this is the most important and the longest half, and also slow it down to come.


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With the growth of pharma franchise business, there are plenty of employment opportunities in the field within the field. Roles of medical representatives and alternative sales jobs which are closely linked, square measure is increasing and limitations However, if you are making big money together with your own business, then starting your own Pharma franchise is the best tool.

With good earning opportunities, the PCD Pharma Franchise is a safe and profitable possibility. Confusion and suspicion After the square measure is clarified, you take part in opening your own business. Therefore, we have taken extensive advantage of the ownership of our pharma franchise in any pcd pharma  company compared to a hard and fast job.

Gain advantage of a sales job compared to a fake franchise

Although there are its professionals and opposition to the job and business, any person can ignore the limitless independence and potential of the excellent financial benefits of business. While you can keep this in mind as a major issue, there are alternative solutions to get your own Pharma franchise.

Minimal risk

While there is an issue of risk in your own business, there is a very nominal risk involved in the Pharma Franchise. The related investment is not the least big. In this way related opportunities are extra in addition, in fact, this is the easiest possibility if you prefer to start your own, while the non-invested cash

No control, no goals

Keeping your firm gives you relief from your senior management and management. You have got the ability to operate in your own hours and with your selection product and firm. You are reliably free from the stress of achieving goals. With your own pharmaceutical franchise company franchise company, you will be able to gain expertise in your company’s growth and revenue.

To make independence your own selection

Compared to sales in pharma franchise company, your own business gives you the opportunity to develop your decision-making skills. You can choose strategically as you wish, while you do not have any influence or management on you.

Choose your location

While working as a medical representative, you will probably keep getting away from home for high potential. However, you will be able to run franchisees from just about any place. Since the drug and meditation product has a tremendous potential for sale, you will be able to run a franchise business during your removal from home.

High potential for development

As a separate operating for someone, your financial advantage is limited to your earnings, incentives and goals. Despite this, you are working hard, you are not getting more financial benefits than a certain threshold. With its own company, the square measure of tables changed. The sky is that there is a limit to the earning and increasing of your franchisees, it can contribute to your growth and revenue. With more profits, you are increasing the possibilities of finance and any

Many businesses include large investments, however, if you want to start as a pharma franchise instead of operating as a medical sales person, then you do not want to make a significant investment. This is the easiest form of pcd pharma selection Has the ability to become your own boss with cash and tight data instead.

How PCD Companies is impacting the franchisee Indian pharmaceutical industry

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For the last few years, looking at changes in the number of company PCD (Propaganda cum distribution) Pharma franchise companies, the Indian pharmaceutical industry is getting a new direction. This is due to some specific options, which are

What is a company franchise?

Pharma Franchise / PCD is a monopoly sale and distribution rights given to a skilled, cluster or distributor by a company. The franchise owner is accountable for the promotion and transfer of sales

For better understanding, suppose that there is a pharmaceutical medical representative from the past few years and it includes a sensible network of doctors, with whom they are up to date, once they want to start their own business, During, they will allow their network to take advantage of their profits.

Someone can contact some sensible drug companies and request monopoly rights in their area. Once a few documents can be the sole distribution of that company and all the cash can be sold on sale, so that they can contradict the network of their doctors’ rivalry, in their pocket.

How to choose a company?

Here are some things to know about:
  1. Current market presence of that company
  2. Offer quality and the right type of material.
  3. An organization that has certificates.
  4. The product quality of that company.
  5. Client support and availability of products

If you are taking a franchise of a PCD Pharma company, then you get the promotional and marketing materials used by the company without investment. Here are some of the most common things provided by most pharmaceutical companies.

  1. Visual Ed
  2. Operating accessories
  3. Product Card / Brochure
  4. Reminder card
  5. Hold the cover
  6. Writing Pads
  7. Diary
  8. Visiting card etc.

How much can a company earn from a franchisee?

Pharma Franchise is like its own business. This figure depends on the network, capacity and nature of anyone. High sales mean high returns. With an average turnover of about 100,000 per month, the earnings will be 35, 000.

Some pcd pharma companies, such as Biophar Lifesciences Pvt Ltd, provide the opportunity of innovative PCD company to their customers with the help of technology, which helps them get higher sales. If you are looking for a franchisee company, then Biophar Lifesciences Pvt Ltd is highly recommended.

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How to choose an honest PCD Pharma company

How to choose an honest PCD Pharma company

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Legal authority

Before you sign a contract, you become the proud owner of a PCD Pharma company, then you can check out the deep background check on the contract. The sale of medical medicine can be a very delicate matter, which is regulated by many laws, and if you propose to move your business forward, then you have to ensure that every single law is followed. As an example, make sure that all mandatory drafts of corporate, such as an ISO certification, or a license from the original authorities.

Accessibility of drugs

Another issue is that you need to consult with respective vendors, that the scope of the drug is available. A growing PCD Pharma company should have all the necessary medicines, and even not optional – basic – before buying a pharmacy search, or receiving all your medicines from a given company, to confirm it The list is that you can reduce the need for some, especially not very few basic medicines.

You can also give a good suggestion after selecting from a list of PCD pharmaceutical company firms ( in Asian country, whose meeting Be objective. The advantage of working with such an organization is that you make available only at your best prices, and you have been given an additional assurance that you can only provide a deficiency shortage.

Investment Value

Prior to investing in companies of any PCD Pharmaceutical company in Asian countries, the value of the investment is against the potential profit, so you are not ending the loss situation before the loss. If you do the math properly, as a result, there can be a difference between a purpose and your purpose is to stop the door of your business or to increase your business.

In addition, think about the method of obtaining information about the PCD Pharma Company. There are completely different procedures in completely different (completely different) organizations, so make sure you have a number of options to deal with the company before the company is cursed, which will discard its hold on the corporate Not ready for


Although it is important for PCD to choose the right company to buy a franchisee from the company, it is necessary for your own hard work to create the growing cases of company success. It is up to you, at the tip of the day, to make your name, to increase your customer base, to make a name. It is up to you that you can inspire people to focus on your company, due to which it can be advertised better. If you make the right choice, and the dedicated area unit to make your company faster, there are some things that will come back between you and success.

Looking for pcd pharma franchise opportunity in any where in India or pharma third party manufacturing feel free to contact us :


PCD, Pharma, Franchise | PCD Pharma Franchise Business | Difference between PCD Franchise and Pharma Franchise

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Meaning of PCD, Pharma, and Franchise

Meaning of PCDPCD is a role between a company and its affiliates. The full form of PCD is propaganda cum distribution, Propaganda is derived from a Latin word ‘to propagate’. Which means ‘to spread’. Under PCD, the main purpose of a company or an organization is to promote or expand its business. For which the company becomes a partner in some people who are businessmen. The company seeks merchants from different regions of the country to find merchants who are able to trade the company’s products. The company provides its products for the purpose of trading these merchants, as a result of which the company’s business continues its operations throughout the country even by its partners. Let us take the example to understand it clearly.

Example 1: Suppose you are a customer. You have to buy something or say that you have to buy some medicines. You go to your nearest Medical. Buy medicines Each product has a symbol, which decides that a company has made it. Now if you see the symbol on your purchased medicine. If that insignia is not of that businessman, but belongs to another company, so it means that the dealer is a subsidiary of that company whose signature is on your medicine. That means that the merchant is associated with that company under the PCD.

Example 2: Suppose you are not a customer, you are a dealer of Medical, you do not trade the products of the community, you do business of a company’s products, then you are connected to that company under PCD.

Advantages of PCD : Both the merchant and the company have the advantage of PCD. If the merchant does the trade of his products. Then they have to prepare their own products, and for their promotional and marketing, etc. they have to invest primarily, and the risk is also there. The merchant can join the company under the PCD and start a business in less investment. Here also the merchant receives parallel benefits.

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Meaning of Pharma or PharmaceuticalPharma is a medical field. Any item arising from the testing and use of chemical units is considered as pharma or pharmaceutical. Such substances come under pharma, which are made in combination with different chemicals, and the purpose of their formation is to produce such substances, in which patients can be relieved of various diseases. All types of drugs come under pharma. Which are produced by any chemical.

Meaning of Franchise : According to the condition, the products offered by the company are called franchisees. When a company provides its products with the permission of business to a businessman for business purposes, then those products are called franchisees . If a person receives the product of a company for his personal use, then it can not be a franchise. Any product can be called franchise only when it has been obtained by the trader for the purpose of doing business with certain rights.

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What is PCD Pharma Franchise Business ?

PCD Pharma Franchise Business : Under PCD Pharma Franchise Business, a company trades in such products that contain pharmaceutical ingredients. That is, a company does business of pharmaceutical products. The following is a description of what to do to establish a pharmaceutical company and Business and what the company should do for trading pharmaceutical products.

How to Establish a PCD Pharma Franchise Company and Business ?

PCD Pharma franchisee business and company are same, and are also different from each other. The establishedment of PCD Pharma franchisee business can be easily done in less investment. but if you wan to start a company then you have to go through more money and some important certification. Let’s know, how to start a pharma franchise company and business.

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How to start a pcd pharma franchise company ?

To establish a pcd pharma franchise company, you must have the requisite funds to invest. In addition, you will need Drug License, GSTIN and ISO certification. The following are how you can obtain drug licenses, GSTIN and ISO certification.

Drug License : You can obtain a Drug License by applying. You can get the drug license in two ways. If you have a 5-years pharma industry experience, then you can get a Drug License based on your experience. Or you should have degree of B. Pharma, M. Pharma etc. based on which you can get a Drug License.

GSTIN :  According to the new rules of July 2017 you will need a GSTIN to start a company. Which you can get based on your PAN card. GSTIN is required for billing and trading for differents states in the country etc.

ISO Certification : Obtaining ISO certification is mandatory for any company to install. ISO certification is the registration of your company, after which your company becomes have freedome to do business.

After completing the above actions, you are ready to start your business as a PCD Pharma franchise company. Now you have to do your own production. Which you can get from a manufacturing company. If you want to maintain manufacturing facilities, you need manufacturing plants, for which you have to invest more.

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How to start a pcd pharma franchise business ?

Starting PCD Pharma franchise business is easier than starting a company. You do not have to be a company to do business in the pharmaceutical industry. You can start Pharma franchise business only in low investment based on Drug License and GSTIN. For this you can join a company and do business as a wholesaler, retailer, medical representative and other pharma professionals. Here you can raise more profits in less investment. Because investment is low, then the risk is also low.

How can do business a pcd pharma franchise company ?

The PCD Pharma franchise company supplies the first of its products to the business. The company searches for Pharma traders across the country. And invites them to join you. Introducing business and publicity company’s presence across the country through the merchandise of the company’s products. The company provides promotion and marketing backup to its affiliates. Pharma traders trade and sell of company’s products in their area. Pharma traders give information about the company’s products to the doctors, and show the benefits of the products. After reviewing the medicines by the doctors, the doctors recommend to patients to taking the company’s medicine. The company provides its affiliates with their product on a monopoly basis, which reduces competition in their area. The process continues in this way.

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How can do pcd pharma franchise business ?

you can start your own pcd pharma franchise business, no matter how it can be done. If you are not a company So you can work as a Pharma trader, retailer, wholesaler, pharma distributors and other pharma professionals. You can do business of a company’s products. The company provides you its products. You promote the company’s products. Let the doctors know. Do marketing. where you need the maximum amount to open a company. here you earn more and more profit by starting your business in less investment.

Difference between PCD Franchise and Pharma Franchise

PCD Franchise : In PCD franchise you can start your own business at minimum investment. In pcd franchise you are connect with a company under pcd. As mentioned above, under the PCD, the company seeks such persons, who are businessmen and business of the company’s products, you can get this opportunity as a PCD franchise. You can become a partner by joining the company. The company provides you with its products, and also provides means of promotion. You do business of company products in your area. The company offers you the least amount of your product. Under PCD, you can organize a large range of products in minimum investing. Whose business can earn you a lot of profits.

Pharma Franchise : Pharma Franchise is like opening a pharma company. Here you have to be a part of Pharma. If you do not want to be associated with a company under PCD, you can make products by company in your brand name, meaning that you can get third party manufacturing for your products by the company. In addition, you have to arrange for the promotion of your products.

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If you are looking pcd pharma franchise opportunity or pharma third party manufacturing feel free to contact us :

PCD Pharma Franchise in Meghalaya

PCD Pharmaceutical Franchise Company in Meghalaya

pcd pharma company Biophar Lifesciences offers franchise in Meghalaya If you looking pcd pharma franchise opportunity or pharma third party manufacturing in Meghalaya feel free to contact us vist us at : Pharma Franchise in Meghalaya – We, Biophar Lifesciences are invited to all pharma experts, pharma distributors, medical representatives and other Pharma traders to be part of our company to provide the best pharma franchise and we warmly welcome them. Biophar Lifesciences has been trading pharma franchise for a long time, and is known as Top Pharma Franchise Company in India. Biophar Lifescience has achieved an important position in Indian Pharmaceutical markets in a very short span of time the main reason for which is the struggle and perseverance of Biophar Lifescience. We does business in a transparent way in accordance with the terms and conditions. Our endeavor is to make a complete effort, our representatives never get a chance to complain. Our franchisees are provided in all the districts within India. Our franchisee is ranked in the best pharma franchise. We want to covered all the districts of Meghalaya and want to spread our franchisees completely in Meghalaya, So for which we want to offer Pharma franchisee to all Pharma Distributors in Meghalaya.

To start your own business and develop a business in the pharma industry, this is a very good opportunity. Pharma industry is a very progressive industry, in this field you can make an important place in a short span of time. If you join us for the pharma franchise, then we will provide you many opportunities that will play an important role in the development of your business, and you will make rapid progress. We provide our pharma franchise on a monopoly basis throughout India, which will play an important role in the development of our partners’ business and our partners will be able to face the competition. We are providing  the best opportunity to develop their business to all pharma traders in Meghalaya.

If you are looking for the best pharma franchise opportunity, we invite you to join us. Simply Contact us at : and fill query form we will provide instant response.

PCD Pharma Franchise in Meghalaya

Join Biophar Lifesciences to Set up PCD Pharma Franchise Business

You can have great benefits to doing business with Biophar Lifescience Pvt. Ltd, which we will discuss in detail. At first we would like to say that we are an ISO 9001: 2008 certified PCD Pharma company, and we have WHO and GMP approved manufacturing units for the production of our products. We produce Pharma products in excellent range after the finest R & D, and launch them with DCGI acceptance in the market. We provide our pharma franchisees in all the states of India according to the district. We are doing PCD Pharma business in pharmaceutical industry since 2008. At present, the high number of pharma distributors from different states of India are connected with us. We provide them best services from our end, and they are satisfied with our services. Our goal is to make our business world-class. Our focus is only in our business, so we make different types of plans to take our company to a higher level, as a result, more and more pharma distributors join us and we provide the best services to our pharma distributors.

As is being seen, the pharma industry has been making excellent progress compare to other businesses for the past few years. Those who are working in the pharma sector, they will be well aware that the pharma industry provides rapid growth. In this industry, you can make maximum profits without any risk at minimum investment. Biophar invites you to join the pharma industry. We have been working in pharma industry for a long time. Biophar Lifesciences is a trustworthy company,  its works in a transparent way. By connecting with us, you can provide a new direction to you PCD Pharma business.

Meghalaya is a well-known state of India. Any pcd pharmaceutical company can take herself to a higher level by supporting Pharma traders in Meghalaya. We want to get this opportunity from Pharma traders from Meghalaya. We offer our best services to Pharma traders here, and wish you to accept the proposal. We will certainly provide more services than other PCD pharma companies. This is also a good opportunity to you to take your business to a higher level. We offers our monopoly base Pharma franchise and provide free promotion for business promotion, in addition to thiswill also provide all possible assistance to you.

Target Location for PCD Pharma Franchise in Meghalaya

At this time we are targeting Meghalaya. We invite all pharma traders from Meghalaya to become part of our organization. Currently, we are providing pharma franchisee in some districts of Meghalaya, the pharma distributors affiliated here are giving us a very good response. Due to which our interest in setting up a fully PCD pharma franchise business in Meghalaya is increasing. We are targeting the following locations to provide our Pharma franchise.

  • East Garo Hills
  • East Khasi Hills
  • Jaintia Hills
  • Ri Bhoi
  • South Garo Hills
  • West Garo Hills
  • West Khasi Hills


Scope and Benefits of Investing in Pharma PCD Franchise Business

The PCD Pharma franchisee business in Meghalaya is quite good, which decides, Here’s the people have health related good information. Being aware of the people in Meghalaya, people here always want to use the best medicines. This is a great opportunity for Pharma traders to make progress in their business. If you do Pharma business then you will progress soon. No doubt, the pharma industry is the best place for you to develop your business.

Benefits of investing in PCD Pharma Franchise

  • You can start Pharma franchisee business with less investment, so there is less risk in it.
  • Biophar Lifesciences gives you free promotional and marketing backup for the good publicity of your business
  • You will be your own boss, you do not have to report any kind of report before anyone.
  • Your income will be in your hands. Your struggle will give you more profits and progress.

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Some more benefits of being the part of Biophar Lifesciences Private Limited :

  • You will get good support from Biophar Lifesciences
  • We will provide you with the best quality medicines in a high class.
  • If you meet your annual goals, we will give you great encouragement.
  • We always produce new and innovative products, which will be provided to you in a wide range.
  • Our products are full of quality, you will receive quality products for all products.
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PCD Pharmaceutical Franchise Products by Biophar Lifesciences

PCD Pharma Franchise Schet / Softgel Capsule ‘ Colsf ‘

We offers best quality Pharma's Franchise. Biophar Lifesciences is an iso certified pharmaceutical company and have who & gmp approved production plants. We offers pharma franchise after the approvel of DCGI. Colsf is a pharmaceutical Sachet / Softgel Capsule. It is also available in 30ml Syrup. It is a best quality product which is formulte by the salt { Collagen peptides 5gm + Magnesium Orotate Dihydrate 875mg + Calcium Aspartate 500mg + Calcium Orotate Dihydrate 500mg + Cissus Quadrangularis Extract 500mg + Ascorbic Acid 40mg + Silicon 10mg + Zinc 7.5mg + Boron 1.5mg + Phyridoxal 5 – Phosphate 1mg + Mecobalamin 750mcg + L-Methylfolate Calcium 500mcg + Vitamin K2-7 45mcg + Vitamin D3 25mcg } and it is use in many type of diseases.

Here is list of diseases which in pcd pharma franchise product use.

  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteopenia
  • Bone Fractures
  • Chronic Inflammatory Arthritis
  • Senile Chondral Degeneration
Here are the advantages of pcd pharma franchise product’s
  • Collagen Peptides :
    • Play positive roles in osteoblast differentiation and mineralize bone matrix formation; Maintains Joint heaslth.’
  • Minerals :
    • Essential for optimal bone matrix development and bone density sustenance.
  • Cissus Quadrangularis Extract :
    • Hastens Fracture healing by stimulation of fibroblasts, chondroblasts and osteoblasts.”
  • Multivitamins :
    • Helps protect against joint pain and contributes to healthy neevios system.

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PCD Pharma Franchise Softgel Capsules { Calrado Max }

PCD Pharma Franchise product of Biophar Lifesciences ‘Calrado Max’ is a best quality pharmaceutical medicine. It is formulate by the salth { Omega 3 fatty acids + Calcium Carbonate + Calcitriol + Methylcobalamin + Folic Acid + Boron } which is deliver maximum toughness to resist breakage and use in many type of diseases.

Here is the list of diseases which in pcd pharma franchise product use :-

  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteopenia
  • Drug Induced Osteoporosis
Here are the advantages of pcd pharma franchise product’s
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids :
    • Decreases inflammatory cytokines such as interleukin – 1/6, and tumor necrosis factor alpha.’
  • Calcium Carbonate :
    • Effective in supporting bone building in management of osteoporosis.”
  • Calcitriol :
    • Decreses bone turnover markers and brings improvement in muscle strength.”’
  • Methylcobalamin + Folic Acid :
    • Reduces high plasma total Hcy level thus prevents incidence of osteoporotic fractures.””
  • Boron :
    • Simulates bone formation and inhibits bone resorption

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PCD Pharmaceutical Franchise Tablet ‘ Dixer – S ‘

We offers best quality Pharma's Franchise. Biophar Lifesciences is an iso certified pharmaceutical company and have who & gmp approved production plants. We offers pharma franchise after the approvel of DCGI. Dixer – S is a pharmaceutical tablet which is formulate by the salth { Diclofenac Protassium 50mg + Serratiopeptidase 10mg } it is dual control on different pain associated with spasm and use in many type of diseases.

Here is the list of diseases which in pcd pharma franchise product use :-
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Headaches, Muscle & Joint Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Superficial Thrombophlebitis
  • Postoperative & Traumatic Swelling
Here are the advantages of pcd pharma franchise product’s
  • Diclofenac Potassium :
    • Relieves pain and reduces inflammation.
    • Treat different types of arthritis including rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.
  • Serratiopeptidase :
    • Proteolytic agent, enhances penetration of NSAIDs.
    • Prevent swelling & fluid retention with lowering of associated pain.

Also available Dixer-SP  { Diclofenac 50mg + Serratiopeptidase 10mg + Paracetamol 325mg } Tablet ‘ Perfact approach to handle pain & Inflammation

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PCD Pharma Franchise Tablets ‘ 5 – Fill ‘

We offers best quality Pharma's Franchise. Biophar Lifesciences is an iso certified pharmaceutical company and have who & gmp approved production plants. We offers pharma franchise after the approvel of DCGI. 5 – Fill Tablets is the best franchise of Biophar Lifesciences. It is a best quality pharma franchise product which is formulate by the salt{ Methylcobalamin 1500mcg + Folic Acide 5 mg + Pyridoxine HCI 3mg } and use in many type of diseases.

Here are the list of diseases in which pharma franchise product use :-
  • General Deblity
  • Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Convalescence
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
Here are the advantages of pcd pharma franchise product’s
  • Methylcobalamin :
    • A powerful neuron rejuvenator.
    • Improves sensory & motor nerve conduction.
    • Reduces homocysteine by metabolizing it to methionine
  • Folic Acxid :
    • Prevent neural tube defect
  • Pyridoxine HCI :
      • Facilitates breakdown of homocysteine to cysteine.
      • Provides symptomatic relief in diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

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